As it turns out, Toyota's new US-bound crossover/SUV mashup is only 25 percent of the Crown story as three additional models are in the pipeline. The Sport, Saloon, and Estate were brought onto the stage to sit alongside the Crossover during the dedicated event organised in Japan. These will form the Crown's sixteenth generation after deciding in 2020 to skip facelifting the current car and focus on a full redesign and an extended portfolio.

For the time being, Toyota is only showing the exterior designs of the three vehicles, deciding to black out all their windows. Their interiors might not be ready yet or the company simply doesn’t want to show them at this point. The red one is called Crown Sport, but rather than being a sports car as its name suggests, it's essentially a more compact crossover with a tailgate instead of the larger model's boot lid.

Toyota Crown Sport, Sedan, Estate

The Crown Sedan is effectively a replacement for the current fifteenth-generation Crown that has been on sale in Japan since 2018. It's refreshing to see Toyota still believes there's a place in this SUV-crazy world for a traditional saloon, an attractive one at that. You could easily slap a Lexus badge on the car, and it wouldn't look out of place. Speaking of which, all four vehicles have a bespoke Crown logo at the front while sticking to the Toyota badge at the rear.

As for the Crown Estate, it’s not really an estate, is it? In fact, even Toyota says it's a "functional SUV" with rear seats that fold completely flat to create a vast cargo area. It appears to be just about as large as the 2023 Crown coming to the United States later this year and has "power to spare," thus hinting at a potent drivetrain.

For the first time, Toyota intends to go global with the Crown by introducing this extended portfolio in around 40 countries and regions around the world. It estimates to sell about 200,000 vehicles a year once all four will become available by early 2024. These TNGA-based cars will be rolled out in succession over the next year and a half and promise to deliver flagship levels of quality.