Thanks to this onboard video we get to see the Mercedes-AMG One in action at the Hockenheimring. The Mercedes-AMG One is one of the most ambitious road car projects ever to reach production. This impressive hybrid hypercar uses tech lifted directly from the Mercedes-AMG F1 team to produce an F1 car for the road. The Mercedes-AMG One doesn’t just share its powertrain with a Mercedes-AMG F1 car, it also has impressive on-track performance.

We first saw the Mercedes-AMG One in 2017 when Mercedes-AMG announced a limited production run of hypercars that would use powertrains derived from their F1 programme. The difficulties of transforming a race-bred F1 engine into a powertrain suitable for road use were no easy task. It took years of engineering and development to produce a reliable powertrain that produced impressive performance while remaining compliant with emissions regulations.

The Mercedes-AMG One’s engine will be built in the same AMG engine factory in Brixworth that builds the engines used in F1. The combined output of this hybrid hypercar is a mind-bending 1,049 bhp. Mercedes-AMG states they cannot provide a final torque figure due to the complexity of the drivetrain.

At the heart of the drivetrain is a turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 engine known as PU106C that revs to 11,000 rpm and produces 574 bhp. The use of an MGU-H will eliminate turbo lag for this V6 engine similar to an F1 car.

Since this engine is pulled from F1 it also features an MGU-K which is an electric motor attached to the V6, this particular unit produces 163 bhp. Unlike an F1 car, the Mercedes-AMG One uses an electric motor mounted at each front wheel for a combined output of 326 bhp.

To back up this impressive drivetrain the larger carbon fibre Mercedes-AMG One uses a complex push-rod suspension setup similar to the system found on F1 cars. There’s also a host of active aero features the Mercedes-AMG One benefits from that are illegal in F1. The Mercedes-AMG One even features a DRS mode to give drivers more speed on straights during track driving.

Which track would you take the Mercedes-AMG One to for a hot lap?