Ferrari’s campaign to return to Le Mans is far from over. The Prancing Horse has less than a year to get its race car in shape, and development is now fully underway. Last week, Ferrari took the LMH racer to Fiorano for its initial shakedown and to begin the car’s development programme. The automaker captured the car’s first outing on video and shared it with the world.

The highly stylised clip features a lot more emotion than last week’s spy video that captured the car on the track. The car underwent two days of testing, and Ferrari has already planned for additional track time. The video shows Ferrari continuing to hide the LMH race car under a tight-fitting camouflage wrap, and the quick edits make it challenging to focus on specific design aspects.

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Thankfully, the spy video and photos provided our best look at the car, revealing radical styling. The car sits low to the ground, with the front wings/fenders sitting higher than the body. The Ferrari also features a massive wing with three big fins sticking off the rear, and we saw only a glimpse of the car’s wild rear-end design.

Ferrari announced the LMH program in February of 2021, and the automaker had the first iteration of the car running on a simulator shortly after. The company is pulling from all aspects of its expertise, including its Formula 1 division, and it’s operating the program out of its new Attivita Sportive GT facility next to Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. Antonello Coletta, who is heading the LMH project and is the boss of Attivita said earlier this year that it’d be “silly to not take advantage of all the know-how we have at our disposal.”

Next year’s Le Mans, a pivotal round of the WEC, will be Ferrari’s first time at the famous race since 1973. When the Ferrari takes to the French track next year, the LMH racer will be competing against cars from Cadillac, Acura, and others. A collaboration between the ACO, FIA, and IMSA allows LMH and LMDh car classes to compete against each other. We’re excited about the matchup.