It's no secret that the current Toyota Supra uses an extensive amount of BMW components, including the powertrain and infotainment system. This video shows how this Japanese sports coupe compares against a BMW M140i, which uses the same engine.

Neither of these vehicles is stock. The Supra has a cold-air intake, turbo-back Inconel exhaust, and a re-mapped ECU. The owner figures the car is making around 460 bhp (343 kilowatts), versus the usual 335 bhp (250 kW) for the model in the UK.

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The M140i boasts a 4.5-inch downpipe, an M Performance cat-back exhaust, and a stage 2 tune. This gives it a claimed output of 460 bhp, which is also up from the standard 335 bhp.

The guys start with a drag race. The M140i has an initial advantage off the line, but then it suffers from lots of wheel spin. This gives the Supra a chance to take the lead. The Toyota pulls ahead and wins by around two car lengths.

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They then re-run the race. The results are the same. Smoke comes off the BMW's wheels, and it struggles for traction. The Supra then speeds ahead and wins by an even larger margin than the first time.

At its best, the Supra manages to reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometres per hour) in 3.883 seconds and covers the quarter-mile time of 11.906 seconds. The M140i hits 60 mph in 4.324 seconds and completes the quarter-mile in 12.218 seconds.

Next, they do a roll race from an unspecified speed. At the start, the Supra is revving near the redline, and the driver immediately has to shift. This gives the M140i an immediate advantage. The two cars are very closely matched. The BMW manages to win by a nose.

They re-run the race at a higher speed. This time, the Supra speeds away. The BMW driver said he lifted just before the starting line.

They agree to do this run one more time. The competition is closer than ever. They are side by side for the whole distance. The BMW is barely ahead at the finish.