Can't wait for the new BMW M2 to arrive? The hot coupe is slated for a debut in October, though it won't go on sale until 2023. And if supply chain issues are still a thing next year, there could well be further delays awaiting buyers.

Meanwhile, the current-generation 2 Series is available right now. It debuted last year, with the range-topping M240i xDrive doling out 382 bhp from its turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six engine. Enter AC Schnitzer, which recently took to social media with a modest list of upgrades for power, handling, and aesthetics. It starts under the bonnet with a mild tune that increases engine output to 414 bhp without the need for any hardware changes. An upgraded exhaust adds to the aural delight of BMW's much-loved six-pot.

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The German tuning company also goes after the 2er's underpinnings with a sports suspension kit. Upgraded springs provide a one-inch drop front and rear, and new dampers are also part of the package. Half-inch wheel spacers are added on each side, providing a one-inch increase to the car's overall track. 20-inch AC Schnitzer wheels are included as well. A front splitter, rear spoiler, and roof spoiler add some aggression to the exterior, while a sport steering wheel and aluminum trim enhancements dress up the interior.

Should you choose to wait for the M2, you'll likely have a bit more power to play with. It's expected to wield the M4's twin-turbocharged engine, though detuned to the neighbourhood of 450 bhp. The M2 will also be available with a six-speed manual transmission, whereas other 2 Series models are automatic only.

However, it could be a year before the first M2s reach customers. With 414 bhp and a tweaked suspension, AC Schnitzer's offering shouldn't be far removed from the M2's performance level, and it's something buyers can jump into right now.

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