Tesla has started cranking out Model Y crossovers at its brand-new factory near Berlin, Germany. Prior to the European location coming online, people in various parts of the continent were taking delivery of imported Model Ys made in China. Are there any notable differences between Tesla's models produced at different factories?

Tesla is building the popular Model Y electric crossover at several locations across the globe. In fact, while it's still being built at the company's original plant in Fremont, California, Tesla also manufactures the Model Y in large numbers in China, not only for the local market, but also for export.

Today, Tesla is also producing at least two different Model Y variants at its new factory in Texas, and we've shared several reports of Model Y crossovers also coming off the assembly line at the automaker's Gigafactory near Berlin.

Interestingly, upon close inspection, people are learning that Model Y SUVs built at Tesla's various Gigafactories have some key differences, though many aren't very obvious. Leave it to Richard from the RSymons RSEV YouTube channel to track down a few Model Ys built in different factories and analyse them carefully.

Richard admits that he wasn't prepared to make a video, so he's filming from his phone, and it's a bit loud at his location. Nonetheless, he happened upon a Tesla Model Y Performance that was produced in Berlin. For those unaware, Richard owns a Model Y Long Range that was built in Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory.

To be clear, Richard confirms that the Model Y that's currently being produced in Berlin is not using the new 4680 battery cells or structural pack, which is also the case with the China-made versions. He assumes the made-in-Germany Model Y is fitted with LG cells and has a gross capacity of 79 kWh.

A quick look at both Model Y crossovers reveals that they have different front seats, as well as different speakers or amplifiers, which provide better sound quality. However, one of the biggest changes noted by the Model Y's owner at the event is related to the car's suspension system. 

The Model Y out of Berlin has new springs, dampers, and other upgraded suspension parts. Apparently, it has a more comfortable ride than other Model Y SUVs, which is arguably a good thing since many automotive reviewers have knocked the EV for its firm ride.

The made-in-Germany Model Y appears to have a high-quality paint job. However, Richard notes that all the Model Ys he's seen that have come out of China have had proper paint jobs as well. We've also recently noted that it seems Tesla is finally making notable strides with its cars' paint and fit and finish.

Other changes include more heavily bolstered front seats, an improved glovebox opening mechanism, and improved interior materials on the inside of the doors and adjacent to the rear seats. Richard also shows off the new parcel shelf in the cargo area, which is now being put into made-in-China versions of the Model Y as well. There are also new and improved struts for the crossover's hatch.

Richard gets to spend a bit of time driving the German-made Model Y Performance, so be sure to check out the video for the remaining details. He does make it clear that the crossover does not have Track Mode.