Alfa Romeo is now part of Stellantis, so it has the platforms and the backing to push for a complete electrification of its range, which according to a new report will happen just five years from now. The Italian automaker plans to keep offering a model called Giulia, a sleek electric saloon, one that will apparently have decent (Lucid-rivalling) range too.

AutoExpress asked Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato about the Giulia specifically, and he confirmed that

Alfa Romeo will have a future for Giulia, and will do the job for SUVs too, because we are Chinese and we are American, but that shape of the Giulia is fantastic, I don’t want to lose this.

The car is absolutely gorgeous, so there is a future for this type of car, but it will be a future that will be electrified. It means probably 100 per cent full BEV for Alfa Romeo.

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The current Giulia (pictured above)debuted in 2016, it was refreshed in 2020 and once it is phased out, there will most likely be a hiatus for the nameplate until the EV arrives. It could be kept in production until close to 2027, but it seems unlikely for it to stay in the range that long give that it doesn’t look like Alfa Romeo can or wants to launch some sort of electrified variants.

Imparato also mentions that

I have to make some big choices. If I want to have more than an average level of performance, I must be bold.

I would love to have this ‘light is right’ tagline for Alfa Romeo. Even if I have one tonne of battery behind me, I want to convey an idea of lightness, even if I am electrified. It’s a fundamental of Alfa Romeo and we are building this new range based on that. But it’s not enough – we are working on the vibe you will feel when you drive an Alfa Romeo in 2025.

The electric Giulia will apparently have very impressive range, thanks to battery packs that will reportedly range in size from 101 kWh to 118 kWh, offering a range of at least 800 km (497 miles). Having an 800 volt architecture is also a possibility, and probably a necessity given that the Alfa Romeo CEO said fast-charging would take just 20 minutes.

What all this also means is that the recently revealed Tonale crossover model, the first electrified vehicle in Alfa’s history, will only be around for exactly five years and it will make way for an EV in 2027. Previous reports indicated that the flagship vehicle for Alfa Romeo will be a larger SUV, not the Giulia, although both will surely be built on the same Stellantis STLA Large architecture; the Tonale’s EV replacement will probably use STLA Medium.