Development of the Porsche Macan EV continues. This pre-production example is on the road in Austria. The vehicle wears quite a bit of cladding and camouflage, but we can still get a good look at the upcoming electric crossover.

The Macan EV features split headlights. The lamps on top have four, horizontal LED strips. Porsche tries to disguise this area with really fake-looking decals. There is additional lighting in the top section of the trapezoidal area in the lower fascia.

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Porsche puts a covering for a fake grille on the front. We're expecting this area to be closed on the production vehicle. The active slats in the lower fascia would open to be the primary air intake.

Along the sides, this vehicle has taped-on panels that disguise the lower portion of the doors. There's another concealment piece that hides the shape of the rear door's window and the roofline there.

At the back, you can easily see the Macan EV's active spoiler that's at the base of the rear window on the hatchback. You can see the tape holding the large panel to the rear. There are skinny taillights on each side and a smaller lamp in the centre.

Porsche continues to fit fake exhaust pipes to the rear of the Macan EV development vehicles. We don't expect the production model to have these elements because they wouldn't make sense on an electric vehicle.

While not visible here, an earlier batch of spy shots got a great look into the Macan EV's cabin. It has a digital instrument cluster. There's a rectangular infotainment display on the centre stack. A screen for the HVAC controls is at the base of the console.

The Macan EV rides on Volkswagen Group's Premium Platform Electric platform. We don't know specifics about the powertrain, but single-motor, rear-drive and dual-motor, all-wheel-drive variants should be available. The underpinnings support 350-kilowatt charging.

Look for the Macan EV to debut in late 2022. Sales should begin during the 2023 calendar year.