Hennessey made a name for itself by giving American muscle cars ludicrous amounts of power before branching out into hypercar territory with the Venom GT. While the latter was loosely based on a Lotus Exige, the new Venom F5 is an in-house project with the goal to engineer the fastest production car ever. A roadster version is on the way, but the Texas-based company is already working on a radically different vehicle.

Purely electric, Project Deep Space was teased at the end of November last year as a six-wheeled grand tourer with four seats arranged in a 1+2+1 configuration. The $3-million (approx. £2,250,000) oddity is targeted to have more than 2,000 bhp and a limited production run of 105 examples. Production of the road-legal beast stretching over six metres (19.7 feet) long is scheduled to commence in 2026. In a new interview with Autocar, John Hennessey revealed additional details about the company's first EV.

Hennessey Project Deep Space

One of the goals is for the six-wheel-drive behemoth to grab the title for the quickest four-seater production car to 200 mph (322 km/h). While he didn't go into any specifics regarding the battery pack, the head honcho at Hennessey said it's going to have enough juice for 620 miles (1,000 kilometres) of range on a single charge.

That's a rather bold claim seeing as how the Project Deep Space will be a heavy car given its size and no fewer than six electric motors, one for each wheel. That said, the elongated wheelbase will give the engineers plenty of room to fit a massive battery pack. Touted as being "the modern equivalent of something like a Bugatti Royale," Hennessey's EV will have a range "greater than that which currently exists."

While it only exists as a design sketch for the time being, the six-wheeled GT will morph into a showcar within the next two years. The diamond-shaped interior with a centre driver's seat and a rearmost seat that folds completely is about 90 percent complete. The vehicle that will be presented to the public sometime in 2024 will represent approximately 95 percent of the final look.

Although not due for another four years or so, the first production model has already been sold to the same person who purchased the Venom F5 Mojave Gold.