Several screens are becoming a trend among vehicle interiors these days – luxury and mainstream segments alike. It seems as if the increased size and number of screens make a car look more premium and luxurious. DS Design Chief Thierry Métroz begs to differ, as he thinks that having too many screens is not sexy and is "a little bit stupid."

"It's a big trend at the moment to have screens, but I think it's a little bit stupid, because in fact to have not any more dashboard, only a big screen, isn't our philosophy inside DS," Métroz told Autocar.

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In fact, Métroz is keen on removing all screens on future DS models.

"Our target is to delete all the screens in our future interiors," he said. "The problem with the screen is when you switch off your screen, you’re just left with a rectangular black surface with all the fingerprints. It's not very sexy; it's not very luxury."

While that is certainly easier said than done, Métroz admitted that it's a big challenge as delivering information to the driver is important. As such, DS is currently looking at new technology that's less intrusive and adds "more serenity."

The French luxury automaker has just recently debuted the refreshed DS 7 dropping the Crossback suffix in the process. The facelifted model does come with a huge screen for now, but that could change sooner or later if we're to take Métroz's word as gospel.

Meanwhile, DS's German rivals are currently banking on the current trend of screen-filled cabins. The Mercedes EQS does come with the MBUX hyperscreen that spans the entire dashboard, while the new 7 Series and i7 debut the massive BMW Theatre Screen for rear passengers.