Bentley is joining several automakers taking steps into the digital world of Non-Fungible Tokens – NFTs as commonly known. The luxury brand has plans to sell 208 digital artworks later this year in an exclusive offering that is also billed as sustainable.

How is digital art sustainable? In this instance, it refers to the company Bentley is working with on this project. Polygon Studios will digitally mint the special collection on its Etherium scaling platform using Web3. Admittedly, we don't really speak the Metaverse language very well, but the takeaway is that Polygon Studios was recently certified as a carbon-neutral company, and its virtual domain is where Bentley's NFTs will reside.

What are these NFTs exactly? That's something for which Bentley is rather vague and by that, we mean vaguer than what we usually hear regarding NFTs. The photo at the top of the page shows a Bentley bonnet ornament set against a blazing sky, so we presume that factors in somehow. 208 NFTs will be created all total, though it's not clear if they will be identical in nature. As for the number, Bentley's fastest production car goes 208 mph, and it's the total production run of the R-Type Continental in 1952. Those titbits could play a role in the NFT as well, but ultimately, only the purchasers will know exactly what the real deal is all about.

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"Bentley customers are living their lives online, purchasing luxury goods with digital currency, and establishing businesses in the Metaverse," said Alain Favey, member of the board for sales and marketing for Bentley. "We've always engaged our customers where they explore their passions, and today that means being present in digital marketplaces and offering NFT assets. We've seen how NFTs have raised the profiles of both art and artist, and we believe the same can happen in the luxury automotive space."

Bentley doesn't mention a cost for the NFTs, but they will be available in September. In addition to the digital aspect, Bentley promises buyers "will be treated to exclusive community opportunities, rewards and unique utilities" that will be announced at a later date.