It's not too often that we cover real estate listings on, but we make an exception when an opportunity to own a piece of automotive history is possible. The home Henry Ford built in 1908 in Detroit has come up for sale with an asking price of $975,000 (£795.000).

The home has three stories and offers 675 square metres of living space. There are four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

There are all of the amenities you'd expect from an opulent home in the early 20th century. A gorgeous entryway has a mix of wood and stone details. Built-in bookshelves are in several rooms. A walk-in pantry offers space for all of your kitchen supplies. You can imagine Henry Ford in the study working on the fledgling auto company that he founded in 1903.

The second floor includes a covered balcony. Plus, there's what the listing calls a "sleeping porch," which sounds very cozy. 

If you're looking for a place to park your classic Ford, there's a two-store, 102-square-metre detached garage. It has room for 2.5 vehicles. The space is heated and has a workshop. There's even a car wash inside, according to a Detroit Free Press report.

Outside the home, there's a brick patio with a fountain. Ivy-covered brick walls are at the edge of the property. The garden includes a large pergola and has landscaping that fits the feel of the rest of the home.

The person who buys this house needs an appreciation of the past and probably some interest in Ford. This era of homes tends to have multiple smaller rooms, rather than the large living spaces that are more common today.

The Ford family lived at this home until 1915 when they moved to the larger, even more opulent Fair Lane estate. The current residents purchased the home in 1985.