Lamborghini is serious about its Urus being more than a super-SUV with blistering on-road performance. No, that doesn't mean you'll be seeing a hardcore Urus off-roader straight from the factory. But Lamborghini did modify one to use as a support vehicle for various duties, and this video offers a close look at it.

The clip comes from Varryx on YouTube, who often camps out near Lamborghini headquarters for some supercar spotting. Truth be told, this isn't the first time we've seen the modified Urus. It's made occasional appearances in spy photos for the last few years, with the most recent sighting coming in February 2022 when we caught a Huracan Sterrato prototype testing in Sweden. The black-and-yellow Urus was in the background just in case the high-riding Huracan needed help, but thanks to this video, the SUV now takes centre stage.

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It's impossible to miss the gigantic roof rack, but looking closer you'll see all kinds of lights mounted to it, facing all directions. A beefy steel bumper guard protects the rear fascia while also providing a mounting point for a full-size spare tyre. A frame-mount towing hitch is visible down low.

Things are a bit more interesting at the front. A full bumper guard is bolted in place that could be used to push vehicles if necessary. There's also a winch installed, and judging from the marks visible on the front plate, we'd say it's been used a few times. Mechanically speaking, the Urus doesn't appear to ride higher than a standard model but with its bold paint job, Lamborghini certainly isn't keen on keeping a low profile with its rescue vehicle.

With 20,000 units sold in four years, the Urus has been a tremendous sales success for Lamborghini. It's shown that even in the world of supercars, SUVs are a popular choice for buyers. Aston Martin has since joined the super-SUV world with its DBX, and Ferrari will soon enter the market with the Purosangue. As for Lamborghini, it will answer with an updated Urus Evo that should debut later this year.