Armoured cars have to protect passengers from a range of threats, using many different techniques to keep out bullets and bombs. A new video from Inkas Armored Vehicles Manufacturing’s YouTube channel shows what a car undergoes during testing, with a Toyota Land Cruiser withstanding some brutal R&D that sees the crossover pummelled with bullets, grenades, land mines, and 15 kilograms of TNT.

The video opens by showing the Toyota pitted and pot-marked from the 780 rounds of ammunition from various calibre guns that had hit it. The video then shows the Land Cruiser being shipped off for some more brutal testing. The additional ballistics testing included discharging 6 DM51 grenades on the roof, 4 DM51 grenades under the floor, 2 land mines, and 15 kilograms of TNT from a distance of two metres (6.5 feet).

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The explosions rocked the Land Cruiser, but none intruded into the interior, keeping the passenger space safe for occupants. It’s a brutal barrage of tests that should exceed what would happen in the real world. Armoured cars often have skilled drivers behind the wheel who are trained on how to react in such a situation. The last thing any driver would want is to remain a sitting duck, but the armour from Inkas Armored Vehicles Manufacturing should be able to take a beating.

We’ve covered Inkas before, highlighting the company’s CEN 1063 BR6-rated armoured AMG G63 limo. The company has also armoured the BMX X7, the Lincoln Navigator, and the Infiniti QX80, which required more upgrades than thick glass and body panels. The extra weight often necessitates an upgraded suspension and reinforced engine and transmission parts to handle the additional weight from the armour. Inkas also produces its own special purpose armoured vehicles for those needing something specific.

A fascinating bit of the video is when it shows off the interior. The rocking seems violent, but the dummy in the rear seat is left unharmed. It’s nothing we would ever want to experience, but it’s cool to see how the armour works from inside the vehicle.