2022 is a busy year for BMW in terms of product launches as the Bavarian brand is pulling out all the stops to properly celebrate 50 years of its M division. The motorsport branch is also quite active as aside from previewing the Le Mans Daytona (LMDh) prototype, it has now taken the wraps off the new M4 GT4. Now in its second generation, the race car borrows the lightweight roof and rear wing from the beefier GT3-spec machine.

The track-only beast looks fast standing still courtesy of a comprehensive aero kit featuring a giant front splitter that could easily double as a snowplow. The front canards and muscular side skirts are telltale signs this is not your typical M4, and it's especially obvious inside the stripped-out cabin making the CSL road car look civilised by comparison.

2023 BMW M4 GT4

Even though it's a purpose-built race car, the 2023 M4 GT4 still has several amenities you wouldn't necessarily expect. Chief of which are the air conditioning, heated windscreen, and a ventilated Recaro seat, with all being offered as standard equipment. Another interesting feature is represented by the natural fibres used for some of the interior and exterior parts. We should also mention the steering wheel with illuminated controls made by the sim racing hardware experts at Fanatec.

Depending on regulations, the inline-six engine can push out 543 bhp and 479 pound-feet (650 Newton-metres) of torque. Output is channelled to the rear axle with help from a ZF seven-speed automatic transmission and an LSD. Highly configurable, the M4 GT4 has a 10-step traction control system, three H&R spring rates, and five-level anti-roll bar adjustability.

Compatible with all GT4 racing series around the world, the new race car will enter production in October for teams able to pay a net price of €187,000 (approx. £160,500). For the sake of comparison, the M4 GT3 retails for €415,000 (£356,000). The two M4s are positioned between the entry-level M2 CS Racing and the LMDh in BMW Motorsport's lineup.