Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems determined to "solve" self-driving technology. He's been talking about it for years, though it appears clear that his optimism far exceeds the speed at which Tesla's engineers can perfect the brand's Full Self-Driving Capability. However, in a recent interview, the CEO went so far as to say that solving full self-driving is the difference between Tesla being "worth a lot of money or worth basically zero."

Musk may have disappointed some fans and investors recently when he shifted focus to a humanoid robot over Tesla's vehicle-related ventures. Still, he has continued to emphasise the company's focus on solving full self-driving. During the recent interview, the CEO reiterated that Tesla's primary focus is still on "solving" the technology.

As you're probably aware at this point, Tesla is testing its FSD Beta system on public roads with select owners behind the wheel. The company may currently have over 100,000 owners testing the technology in real-world situations. In fact, Musk recently suggested that Tesla was adding 100,000 beta testers, and he'd previously shared that there were already 100,000, so the number may be up to 200,000 at this point. However, Tesla hasn't shared any official numbers of late.

Musk participated in a lengthy interview with a handful of fans, including hosts from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, The Kilowatts, and, the founder and president of My Tesla Adventure, Eli Burton (otherwise known as Starman).

We've embedded Part 2 of the full video interview above since it's arguably worth watching all the way through. However, if you've already watched it, or aren't interested in the video in its entirety, tune in at the 38-minute mark to listen to Musk's comments and conversation about solving full-self driving. He said:

"The overwhelming focus is on solving full self-driving. That’s essential. It’s really the difference between Tesla being worth a lot of money or worth basically zero."

This comes at a time when the stock market has reportedly entered a bear market, and Tesla's stock price is far below its all-time high. Despite being the most successful EV maker across the globe by a wide margin and one of the very few automakers to successfully navigate the global pandemic and chip and supply shortage, Tesla's value has plummeted.