After Tesla showed the first Cybertruck concept/prototype, for a while the internet became a home for people showing off their home-made interpretations of the new futuristic pickup. Some tried to copy the shape exactly, but on a smaller scale and using different materials, while others tried to give existing vehicles they owned the Cyber look - most of these projects were done ironically, though, and not much thought went into them.

However, it looks like Cyber-fever is still a thing and people are still willing to spend their valuable time making something look like the Tesla truck. Cyber Hooligan is a YouTube channel created by a Tesla fan who made his own Cyber-inspired project based on a crashed Toyota Prius C that he sourced from a junkyard.

Only its chassis was kept for the Cyber project, and even though the Prius C is already considerably shorter than a Cybertruck, the builder actually made the wheelbase even smaller. He also notes that had he made the shape of the roof exactly like it is on the original, it would have looked awkward given the much smaller size and different proportions.

The shape of the roof is therefore quite different, but we say that visually he made a good call. No liberties were taken with the front end design, which is more or less a direct copy of the Cybertruck, and when it’s driving towards you straight on, it might fool you... for about half a second, because it’s just so much smaller than the inspiration.

This video shows the CyberPrius being taken off-road for the first time for testing purposes. Even though it’s a front-wheel drive vehicle, it shouldn’t be too heavy so it might actually do pretty well as an off-roader. In fact, given that the roof structure won't actually hold up in a rollover incident, it might be a bit too agile off-road for its own good...