The new teaser video for the Hyundai Ioniq 6 doesn't actually show the upcoming EV. Instead, the clip tries to give viewers the vehicle's general vibe by displaying examples of streamlined things. It ends with the car's tagline: "Electrified Streamliner."

The video's audio is in Korean, but you don't need to understand the language to get Hyundai's message about the Ioniq 6. The clip starts with a little boy looking at a picture of an Art-Deco-style bicycle in a book with the message "Bike of the Future." Next, we see a man reclining in a lounge chair. Clouds flow over a mountain and then around a black pebble. The final view is of a dome-shaped, window-covered building with a white hemisphere inside of it.

Gallery: Hyundai Prophecy concept

The Ioniq 6 takes styling inspiration from the smooth-bodied Prophecy concept (gallery above). Its flowing lines give the vehicle a streamlined shape that fits with how Hyundai is hyping the new EV.

Judging from spy shots of the production version, the road-going Ioniq 5 might is going to look a lot like the concept. The camouflaged development vehicles have panels on their bodies to conceal the shape. The front end has strong similarities to the show car, though.

Gallery: New Hyundai Ioniq 6 Spy Shots

The Ioniq 6 rides on the E-GMP platform that also underpins the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 GT. This saloon reportedly uses a 77.4-kilowatt-hour battery pack. A dual-motor variant would reportedly have around 300 bhp (224 kilowatts). There might also be an N performance version that would possibly share its 576-bhp (430-kW) output with the EV6 GT.

Rumours suggest the Ioniq 6 could debut in South Korea in June. The release of this teaser suggests an unveiling is probably happening soon.

Following the Ioniq 6, the Ioniq 7 will be the next offering in Hyundai's EV sub-brand. Judging by the concept, it will be a large SUV with expansive windows. Like the other models, it'll ride on the E-GMP platform.