BMW’s lineup isn’t short on power or performance. The M3 is an automotive icon, but like all cars, it has grown in size, power, and cost over the years. BMW offers more affordable performance options like the M240i, but it’s not equal to the bigger M3. However, a new video from the Officially Gassed YouTube channel sees if a tuned M240i can keep up with the heavier, more powerful M3.

The M240i arrived at the race with a new intake, cat-back exhaust, and software tune. That takes the car’s turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six engine to 450 bhp (335 kilowatts). The M3 is stock, with its twin-turbo 3.0-litre six-cylinder delivering 503 bhp (375 kW). The M3 makes more power in this contest, but it also weighs more. The M240i tips the scales at 1,690 kilograms (3,725 pounds), while the M3 is 1,745 kg (3,847 lbs).

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The M240i’s lightness was an advantage in the drag races, which were the best two out of three. The M240i got a better launch off the starting line than the M3 in both instances. The smaller coupe was able to carve out a sizeable lead that the M3 just couldn’t overcome. The M240i completed the quarter-mile in 11.607 seconds at 117.72 miles per hour (189.45 kph). The M3 finished right behind it, with its best time being 11.843 seconds at 121.89 mph (196.16 kph).

The rolling races were a bit different, with the M240i no longer having the advantage of being lighter. Instead, the M3’s more powerful engine kept the four-door out ahead of the M240i in both races. The M240 was not far behind it, though, finishing just a car length behind the M3 in the last race.

While neither BMW walked away with a clear victory over the other, with the pair each winning two races, the drag races show how the M240i, with a minor tune and hardware upgrade, can keep up with the much more expensive M3. Spending a bit more on the right tune for an M240i might make M3 owners tremble a bit just before they doze off to bed.