Anyone with even minimum automotive knowledge knows how special the McLaren F1 is. To this day, it still holds the record for the fastest production car powered solely by a naturally aspirated engine. With forced induction and EVs taking over, it seems unlikely it's ever going to lose this title unless its modern tribute – the Gordon Murray T.50 – has something to say about that. The car here is no ordinary F1 since it's the race car derivative.

McLaren only made a total of 28 GTRs but only 10 were built in the later Longtail specification. This one is even rarer taking into consideration it has been converted for street use by British shop Lanzante. Some would argue it's sacrilegious to slap on a license plate on the BMW-powered hypercar, especially since it's rarer than hen’s teeth.

All we have to say is the black beauty look absolutely sensational in London, a city where the rich folks parade their high-end automobiles. Standing out in the UK's capital is more and more difficult and yet the road-legal F1 GTR Longtail makes it look easy. The three-seater machine is loud, impractical, and too big for those narrow streets, but someone was brave enough to take it out for a stroll.

With extremely limited ground clearance, a small bump in the road could cause damages to the bumpers and underbody that would cost a small fortune to repair given how rare and bespoke these cars are. Seeing an F1 GTR Longtail flash its turn signals still takes time to get used to, as does the number plate negatively impacting the car's spectacular rear-end design.

Cars like the McLaren F1 GTR, Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, or the Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion will never be made again. However, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the new LMDh class is going to spawn some road cars even though the regulations don't force companies to build street-legal equivalents.