The little Mercedes-Benz GLA-CLass crossover is getting a facelift. This batch of spy shots lets us check out the revised front and rear.  The development vehicle in these photos was near the automaker's factory in Stuttgart, Germany.

Compared to the current GLA-Class, this one appears to have new headlights with a rounder, less complex shape. The grille has a more distinct trapezoidal outline with the portion on top being shorter than what's on the bottom. In contrast, the existing design is more of an oval. The logo in the centre seems to double as a sensor for a driver-assistance system.

The lower fascia on this GLA-Class has a trapezoidal opening. Judging by the existing model, we expect that the actual design is more complex and makes space for the fog lights or styling elements in the corners.

At the back, the camouflage only covers the taillights. It looks like they might get different graphics but have the same shape.

These photos only give us a glimpse of the steering wheel in the cabin. The interior changes are a complete mystery. Judging by other Mercedes refreshes, infotainment system updates are possible.

At this time, it's too soon to know whether Mercedes intends to make any powertrain changes to coincide with this styling refresh.

The existing version of the GLA only debuted in 2020, so it's a bit surprising already to see the automaker developing the refreshed version. This suggests we might not see a debut too soon. Our spies are predicting a 2024 unveiling for a 2025MY product.

Other spy shots show Mercedes developing the EQA and EQB as the fully electric counterparts to the GLA and GLB Class. They are arriving after a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both of them feature closed grilles since EVs don't have the same cooling needs as ICE vehicles. They also have different headlights than the combustion-powered variants.