The Ferrari SF90 is already an incredible supercar, but a new batch of spy photos offers another look at a hotter version with the codename F173VS. The VS stands for Versione Speciale, though being an internal designation at Ferrari, it's not likely that name will stick around for production. But it certainly signifies this isn't an average SF90.

We've caught a couple of VS prototypes on camera before, each attempting to hide aero-focused changes up front. From what we've learned so far, the focal point of this upgraded SF90 will come with the S-Duct bonnet that's inspired by the 488 Pista. Its mission is to channel air coming through the lower fascia up and out of the car, utilising inlets and wings to create some aerodynamic witchcraft in the process. The result is increased downforce, and when you have a hypercar with 986 bhp (735 kilowatts), more downforce is never a bad thing.

Gallery: Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale New Spy Photos

Here's where things get interesting with this particular set of images. Previously, we've only seen camouflage on the front with a standard-issue SF90 backside in full view. Here, the entire car is camo-wrapped and it sports a rear wing from the Assetto Fiorano track package. Taking a closer look, we can clearly see yellow paint through gaps in the camouflage, but at the front, it's red. There's also no missing the red mirrors, and jumping back to the rear of the car, we actually see the word mulo on the wing. That translates to mule, though it's certainly one of the nicer test mules we've seen.

It's unknown at this point if the SF90 VS will see a power boost in addition to its aero updates. Our spy sources suggest a retuning of the hybrid all-wheel-drive powertrain is in the works, adding more yaw control to the electrically-driven front wheels for tighter cornering. A more aggressive rear wing is also possible.

Whatever is in store for the massaged SF90, we could have quite a wait ahead of us. Current rumours say Ferrari won't debut the car until later in 2023.