The Ford Bronco is now in its second model year on the American market but it remains pretty much a US-only product, at least for now. This might change in the future as Ford is currently considering a potential launch of the off-roader in Europe, though nothing can be confirmed for the time being.

This week, the Bronco also makes a show debut on the Old continent to further fuel the speculation about its market release in the region and we decided to dig deeper into this.

A Bronco Big Bend with a 2.7-litre V6 EcoBoost engine is currently displayed at the 2022 Sofia Motor Show, one of the two European auto shows in OICA’s 2022 calendar alongside the 2022 Paris Motor Show. To our knowledge, this is the model’s first public appearance on the continent. It is important to note, however, that the vehicle is not officially imported by Ford of Europe but by Moto-Pfohe, the local Bulgarian Ford dealer. The vehicle displayed in Sofia has no price sticker.

Gallery: Ford Bronco at the 2022 Sofia Motor Show

We asked Ford’s PR representatives at the show whether the Bronco is coming to Europe anytime soon and we were told the vehicle in Sofia is "purely a show car, a showcase of an icon." No firm commitment about a launch date was made, though Ford is apparently considering sending the Bronco in Europe. Or, simply put, the Bronco is most likely going on sale on the continent, but there’s no fixed launch date yet.

In September last year, Ford CEO Jim Farley said he isn’t ruling out a sending the Bronco to the European market as a potential competitor for the Land Rover Defender. During the 2021 Goodwood Revival, he told British media he is “just waiting for these guys [Ford of Europe] to make up their mind" but the situation probably hasn’t changed that much since then.

Another positive sign that the Bronco could be launched in Europe comes in the form of a trademark application from 2019 filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The filing was registered even before the official debut of the Bronco in the United States.