Just a few weeks ago, Henrik Fisker fleshed out teasers of its upcoming Pear through a social media post, promising a revolutionary EV that starts under thirty grand.

This time, the Danish-American designer gives us a peek inside the crossover EV through another Instagram post. The image showcases the vehicle's futuristic cabin with a massive greenhouse.

The social media post reads:

Fisker PEAR's interior will offer a new level of storage for its segment. Design-wise, the beltline and side window area are extremely low, with a large, wraparound windscreen affording a commanding view when driving.


Fisker mentioned that the Pear will offer "a new level of storage" which tells us that the crossover will have lots of room inside. Those storage spaces aren't seen in the teaser image, though. Rather, the seat design is clearly displayed, with accents of gold found all over the cabin. There's also a massive vertical infotainment display at the centre and what appears to be lighting elements across the dashboard.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the teaser is the huge glass panels of the car: on the sides, the front, and on the roof. This execution will surely aid in the overall driving experience since it reaches production.

That said, since these teasers, including the previous ones, are just pre-production renderings at this point, let's sprinkle a tad grain of salt until the production version arrives.

Speaking of which, Fisker has yet to give an exact timeline for the pear, although he mentioned that a prototype could arrive "earlier than I originally stated." Production is scheduled to begin in Ohio in 2024, which means a debut could happen before that. The price tag has been previously announced to go below $29,900.