As regulations and restrictions tighten all over the world, along with deadlines set for selling fossil fuel-fed vehicles, the days of pure internal combustion engines are numbered. For BMW, electrification is already on the horizon, even for the revered M division headed by CEO Frank van Meel.

The BMW XM is the first entry into the M division's electrified future, which will arrive in production form at the end of 2022. But if you're wondering which of the M cars will be the last one powered by a pure internal combustion engine, van Meel has confirmed that it will be the upcoming 2023 BMW M2.

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In an interview with Germany's Bimmer Today, the returning BMW M chief confirmed that the M2 will be the final M vehicle without any form of electrification.

"The BMW M2 with in-line six-cylinder and rear-wheel drive will definitely be a puristic driving machine. We will see increasing electrification in other vehicles, of course in different forms, starting with the 48-volt electrical system and plug-in hybrids to fully electric drives. Seen in this way, the M2 will be the last M with a pure combustion engine drive and also without electrification scope such as a 48-volt on-board network, yes," said van Meel.

That said, if you're still apprehensive about the arrival of electrified BMW M cars, the M2 will be your last chance. Even better, it comes with a manual gearbox, which apparently is the choice of over half of M2 buyers, according to van Meel.

The G87 generation BMW M2 has been partially revealed in a recent leakage. The high-performance coupe will start its production towards the end of the year in Mexico, so we're expecting a debut within 2022.

Meanwhile, the BMW M3 Touring will first make its world debut at Goodwood on June 23.