It’s been a few months since our spy photographers last captured the facelifted Audi A6. We have spotted the all-electric A6 E-Tron in recent months, and there is plenty of excitement surrounding the EV. However, the petrol-powered A6 still needs love, and it is undergoing a mid-cycle refresh.

The mild mid-life makeover will have Audi tweaking the A6’s front and rear fascia design and not much else. The company continues to hide those changes under a thin layer of camouflage that only covers the front and rear fascias, but it’s enough to conceal the new look.

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The revamped A6 will arrive with new headlight graphics that retain their current form, reshaped intakes, and a massaged grille design. It’ll be the same situation at the rear, with Audi installing new taillight graphics and tweaking the rear bumper. We haven’t seen inside the new A6, but there is not much covered from view, which likely means Audi will be taking a reserved approach to revamping the saloon’s interior design.

This example wears an S-Line badge on the front wings/fenders, but a piece of black tape covers it up. Previous spy shots captured the saloon with the badged exposed, so lesser trims will likely feature different styling changes.

The badge also indicates Audi will likely continue offering the A6 in at least two configurations. The A6’s styling changes will carry over to the rest of the lineup, with the S6, RS6, and high-riding Allroad flavours getting tweaked designs.

One thing that likely won’t change is the powertrains. We expect Audi to carry them over to the revamped model with few changes. Audi is blasting ahead with its electrification plans, and The A6 E-Tron is rumored to debut later this year.

Audi hasn’t indicated when it’ll reveal the restyled A6, but we expect it to break cover later this year. The A6 E-Tron will likely overshadow it, but the new A6 should arrive for the 2023 model year. Audi A6 sales have fallen over the last few years, and automakers are focusing their efforts on developing new crossovers, SUVs, and EVs, so the A6’s mild update doesn’t come as much of a surprise.