Motorcycle crashes can be terrifying. From overcooking a corner to applying too much throttle at lean to tailgate too closely, we riders can avoid certain crashes with sound judgment and developed skills. A rear-end collision isn’t one of those situations, however, and a Brazilian motorcyclist was lucky to avoid serious injuries after one such incident on Sao Paulo’s Rodovia dos Imigrantes.

According to surveillance footage provided by Brazilian transportation company EcoRodovias, the driver of a Jeep Renegade struck the motorcycle at the 14-kilometre marker of the Rodovia dos Imigrantes (near the city of Diadema) around 1:45 p.m. The rider was thrown from the bike by the collision, but only suffered minor injuries and was later transported to the Piraporinha Hospital Emergency Room.


Fleeing the scene, the motorist drove for nearly two kilometres with the small-displacement naked bike lodged in the vehicle's grille before exiting the highway. Luckily, authorities caught up to the driver in the city, pulling him over just outside the Diadema Fire Station. The motorist initially refused a breathalyser test at the scene of his arrest.

After authorities transferred the culprit to the Santo André IML public safety office, they found that his blood alcohol concentration was above the legal limit. The police charged the motorist with hit-and-run and drunk driving, but he already posted bail and has been released.

Thanks to a vigilant passenger and EcoRodovias’ surveillance footage, the local authorities were able to piece the crash together and take swift action. The rider was also fortunate to not suffer any serious injuries during the incident, but we wouldn’t be surprised if his motorcycle is no longer rideable. Yes, motorcycle crashes can be terrifying, especially when you can’t take any evasive action to avoid the situation. Fortunately, one Brazilian rider didn’t have to pay the ultimate price for another motorist's selfish and careless behaviour.