Manhart is at it again. After working on a few BMW and Mercedes projects, the reputable tuner is now shifting focus to the other member of Germany's Big Three. It has set its sights on Audi and its RS3 pocket rocket, which is also getting the signature black look with gold accents. Work on the "RS3 500" aftermarket package has commenced and will be available for both the Sportback and Saloon body styles.

Because there's always room for additional power, Manhart is working its magic to give the 2.5 TFSI a lot more oomph. The turbocharged inline-five engine will be given an extra 100 bhp to take its output to somewhere in the region of 500 bhp. The amped-up petrol mill is going to breathe better through a stainless steel exhaust system featuring valve control to alter the soundtrack on the fly.

Audi RS3 by Manhart

In typical Manhart fashion, the Audi RS3 duo will be brought closer to the road courtesy of a suspension lowering kit. Rounding off the package will be the tuner’s own 20-inch wheels with a black look and a gold pinstripe to echo the decals on the body and the 1980s-inspired sticker on top of the windscreen. Images of the interior have not been provided, but expect some changes in the already posh cabin as well.

With 500 bhp on tap, the RS3 should be the automotive equivalent of a cheetah considering the standard car is already ridiculously quick. Audi USA quotes a 3.6-second sprint time to 60 mph (96 km/h) for the Sedan while its European division says the Sportback does 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.8 seconds.

A couple of decades ago, this was basically hypercar territory. In 2022, you can have this performance in a four- or five-door family vehicle, which isn't necessarily light for a compact car. The RS3 is likely the last of its kind as we can't imagine Audi coming out with another five-cylinder car between now and 2025 when it will launch its final new ICE-powered car.