Another day, another new BMW that got the worst criticisms from the internet in terms of design. A new BMW M4 CSL is out and about but beyond the arguably impressive numbers, the top-spec M4 has received various judgements from fans and enthusiasts alike.

Most of the comments unsurprisingly lambast the huge grille, which has been a recurring theme since the arrival of the latest 4er. The 2023 BMW M4 CSL is no different, although designer Marouane Bembli, otherwise known on Youtube as TheSketchMonkey, has a different on the matter.

2023 BMW M4 CSL Redesign by SketchMonkey
2023 BMW M4 CSL Redesign by SketchMonkey

If anything, Bembli actually thinks that the grille on the M4 CSL looks better than the grille on the M4 Competition. According to the YouTuber, who has been publishing videos featuring redesign attempts on various cars (like the Pontiac Aztek), the problem with the new M4 CSL lies in the bevy of lines and curves on the front fascia, along with the seemingly incoherent execution of the overall design.

To correct this, Bembli applied some changes on the bumper, while the grille has been reshaped to match the lines. The headlight clusters were also reshaped and replaced towards the last minute of the video.

Meanwhile, the sides were also given a touch up, mainly seen on the removal of the body line and the addition of the Hoffmeister kink. You can watch the video atop this page for the whole redesign process as well as Bembli's insights about the M4 CSL's incoherent lines.

We think the resulting rendering looks cleaner than before. However, did it make the £129,000 M4 CSL look more attractive?