If there's one way to catch the names of upcoming cars, the trademark office would be one. Case in point: Lamborghini. In a trademark filing at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the Italian supercar maker wants to keep the rights to the name "Revuelto."

The trademark was filed last May 25, 2022 (hat tip to Carbuzz) and has only been published at the beginning of June under filing number 018707961.

Interestingly, "Revuelto" is a Spanish word that translates to scrambled, unruly, and fumbling. As we all know, most names of Lamborghini vehicles come from Spanish – most of them named after legendary bulls. That's, of course, with the exception of Sesto Elemento, which means sixth element, and Countach, which is a boorish Piedmontese expression. If the name Revuelto pushes through, it will be the third Lambo not named after a bull.

The trademark was filed under classes 9, 12, 25, and 28 of EUIPO. Classes 25 and 28 are for merchandise connected to the vehicle, which isn't surprising for a Lamborghini.

What piqued our interest was classes 9 and 12. "Electric batteries for powering electric vehicles" are included in class 9, while electric vehicles and anything powered by electric motors are under class 12, including electric scooters.

The involvement of electric components isn't a guarantee that the upcoming Revuelto will be the name of a Lamborghini EV. However, we won't be surprised if it will, given that the automaker has started to cover its bases.

At this point, what we know is that Lamborghini will hybridise all of its vehicles by 2024. Meanwhile, the first Lambo EV is due after 2025. The Italian bull brand is mum whether the EV will be a two-door sports car or a more practical SUV.