The Birmingham Small Arms Company, or BSA, was established in 1861 to manufacture firearms. The motorcycle section of the company was born in 1903, and the first motorcycle under the BSA brand debuted in 1910. In World War II, BSA was the greatest provider of bikes to the Allies, and by the 1950s, it was one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers. However, due to insolvency in the 1970s, BSA halted operations.

Classic Legends Private Limited (CLPL), which purchased the BSA name in 2016, has already established a technical facility in Coventry, England, which serves as the BSA motorcycle research and development centre. It is now working on a new BSA-branded electric motorbike. Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director, Auto & Farm Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra, verified the story. Classic Legends is owned by the Mahindra Group."BSA is a hugely popular brand around the world, and that would be a key focus for building the global business for Classic Legends, and there will be an electric version of BSA as well," Jejurikar said in a press conference.

BSA has previously debuted the Gold Star, a new classic motorbike with a 650cc single-cylinder engine. BSA activities will be centred in the West Midlands area, where a new assembly plant will be established, the business stated during the introduction of the BSA Gold Star in 2021. The corporation has yet to provide any more information on the current state of the assembly facility in the United Kingdom. What is certain is that BSA will continue to lead the global Classic Legends business.

Classic Legends plans to build at least some BSA bikes at the soon-to-be-opened assembly factory in the UK, which will also make electric motorbikes under the BSA name. BSA received a GBP 4.6 million grant from the British government last year as part of a UK-wide low-carbon vehicle project. The business plans to use the money to work on zero-emission bikes under the BSA brand.