Big dreams require big barns, and someone has filled up more than one with an eclectic collection of automobiles that could be the ultimate barn find. The video comes from The Bearded Explorer YouTube channel, and the rundown property is overgrown with trees, weeds, and dozens and dozens of cars.

This barn find is massive, with multiple barns packed to the brim with countless cars, and those that didn't fit sit outside – if you can find them. Some cars have been on the property for so long that they're completely covered by trees and shrubbery, like a Saab with only its taillights visible. The weeds and grass are so tall that they cover the cars' wheels and bumpers.

Many of the cars are in various states of disrepair. Some look like they have been stripped for parts, while others look like they were in wrecks. The parade of cars across the camera is endless, with Bentleys, Jaguars, and even a Rolls-Royce sitting in the expansive and decaying collection. There is a Porsche 911, at least two Porsche 924s, a Porsche 944, and likely more from the German automaker.

While many of the cars look to be in a sad state on the outside, nature hasn't burrowed its way into all of the vehicles, as more than a few seem to have well-preserved interiors. The collection includes some iconic cars, like a Ford Sierra XR 4x4, a Metro GT-A, a Fiat Coupe with an Abarth badge, a Lotus Esprit, and a Jensen Interceptor. There are countless Peugeots and a handful of Citroens sitting alongside cars from Mercedes, Mini, Morris, MG, and others.

We don't know where this barn find is located other than it's obviously somewhere in the UK. However, an eighth-generation (1967-1970) Cadillac Eldorado is buried deep in one barn. It's rare to see such a big American car overseas. Someone left the driver's door propped open, revealing dirty upholstery and dash, with the carpet long gone and the door panel falling apart.

The stream of cars seems infinite, with each turn of the corner revealing more and more automobiles. Some have rusted bonnets, while others are covered in boxes of belongings. It's quite the collection that looks like it's been undisturbed for a while.