George Russell was disappointed to discover after the Formula 1 Monaco GP that a "pretty dicey" pass on Lando Norris was missed by the TV director.

Norris came out of the pits on slicks in front of Russell and moved onto the racing line, obliging the Mercedes driver to jink to the right and pass him on the way up the hill to Casino.

The moved decided fifth place in favour of Russell, who had qualified just behind Norris.

However, at the time, TV viewers knew nothing of the pass, as Russell had been in front anyway prior to the stop sequence due to Norris's earlier switch to intermediates.

It has subsequently been seen on social media in an onboard clip from Russell's car.

"It was a positive race, I think," said Russell when asked about his afternoon by "On the hard tyre we were the quickest car on track at some points and I was really pushing the limits, and that was very enjoyable.

"They didn't show my overtake on Lando, which was a bit disappointing.

"He sort of came out of pits directly in front of me and sort of chopped across and I managed to overtake on the wet stuff.

"So that was pretty nice. And yeah, I sort of managed it until the end, it was not easy on that medium tyre."

George Russell at Monaco GP 2022

Elaborating on the pass to Sky F1, he said: "It felt pretty dicey from within the car for Monaco in damp conditions, but obviously not good enough for the TV producer. So, next time!"

Told by about Russell's satisfaction with the move Norris insisted it was a simple function of a difference in tyre temperatures.

"If that was a mega overtake then he's done some shite overtakes!," said the McLaren driver. "I mean, I just came on the box on wet tyres.

"And he obviously gained a lap prior because of being on the slick, the slick was the tyre to be on.

"He had warm tyres, mine were cold. And he came past me, it's quite simple. I wasn't impressed at all. I was more frustrated."

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