We’ve seen test prototypes of the facelifted BMW X6 in both regular and M forms. Today, we have a new batch of spy shots with the coupe-SUV from Bavaria and this time around we can take a look at a new addition to the lineup. What you see in the gallery below is the refreshed X6 M60i, which will replace the X6 M50i as the top dog in the regular model’s lineup positioned right below the fully-fledged X6 M.

Visually, this prototype looks almost like a standard X6 from the upcoming LCI series. The front end hides slimmer headlights under the camouflage and we expect the lighting cluster to get new graphics as well. The grilles won’t grow bigger as far as we know, though there might be changes to the lower section of the front bumper.

Gallery: BMW X6 M60i spy photos

At the back, this test car features the taillights of the current model but we know the facelifted X6 will be upgraded with new LED taillights. There will also be small changes to the shape of the rear bumper and the shape of the exhaust finishers here is the giveaway that this is indeed the new X6 M60i.

The biggest change with the new M Performance model is hidden under the bonnet. There, the successor to the X6 M50i will switch to the new S68 4.4-litre V8 twin-turbo engine, identical to the one found under the bonnet the X7 M60i. All-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox will be standard and we expect the output to be around 530 bhp (390 kilowatts).

Inside the cabin, the X6 LCI will be upgraded with BMW’s new iDrive 8 infotainment setup with a coast-to-coast screen housed in one curved piece of glass. This latest tech from Munich is now available on several models in BMW’s lineup, including the X7 and even the 2 Series Coupe. 

There’s no debut date set for the facelifted X6 but we believe it will debut in all its forms – regular, M Performance, and M – towards the end of this year.