Switzerland is preparing to launch its first production supercar. Stefano Picasso, founder of Picasso Automotive, announced in January last year he and his team are working on the so-called Picasso PS-01, referred to as "the craziest carbon fibre car ever." Almost a year and a half later, the supercar is ready to be introduced in its final production form next month.

Picasso Automotive has released an official press release to inform the world it plans to show the performance vehicle during the Top Marques Monaco in early June. On June 8, the company will unveil the PS-01 (name not confirmed for the production model) and will reveal all its technical specifications and commercial details.

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The Swiss supercar has a weight of just under 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds) thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre “on an unprecedented level.” In addition, advanced aerodynamics generate up to 900 kg of downforce at top speed making the car more stable at full throttle. Picasso Automotive says top speed and ultimate acceleration are its essential qualities and the PS-01 will be fast on tracks and public roads, delivering a “matchless driving experience.”

The engine that powers the Swiss supercar remains a mystery for now, though. When the car was announced last year, Picasso Automotive said it will use the engine from “one of the most famous Italian cars." At the time, it was believed this was a twin-turbo V6 mill with around 600 bhp (447 kilowatts), but the production version will use a “completely different” powertrain. Not much is known about it for the moment, except that it is “specifically conceived to deliver the best union of performance and functionality.”

Picasso Automotive partners with many well-known companies from the automotive industry for the development of the PS-01. Sadev, for example, works on the transmission, while Sabelt provides the seats. Carbo Brake is responsible for the brake system and the suspension comes from Öhlins. The Swiss-based firm has an international investor and has already received the first orders for the production supercar.

Note: Picasso Automotive PS-01 prototype pictured in the gallery.