Tesla's plans for a huge and feature-filled Supercharger station in California include details related to a diner, a drive-in movie theatre, and more. CEO Elon Musk has been floating this idea for some time, and now it appears it may actually happen, though similar plans were already submitted in the past.

The latest plans apply to a site at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Orange Drive in Los Angeles, California. If everything plays out according to Tesla's plans, the new Hollywood Supercharger will be built on a lot that's over a half-acre in size. It will have 34 total charging stalls, 29 of which will be Tesla's most powerful V3 Supercharger stations, while the other units will be Level 2 chargers.

According to the official filing, the upcoming Supercharger station could have two movie screens that can be seen from both the charging stalls and the diner. The diner will be located in a two-story building that features restrooms and other amenities. It will have indoor seating and roof-top seating.

Teslarati credits MarcoRP (@MarcoRPTesla) on Twitter for first posting the official plans related to the Tesla Hollywood Diner and Drive-In Theatre, which, as you can see below, include lots of details:


Based on the "Project Description" document shared by MarcoRP, the movie screens will show feature presentations that run for about 30 minutes, which is approximately the time it will take most Tesla owners to charge their vehicles.

It's important to note that Tesla already filed earlier plans for such a Supercharger station, though the plans and specific location have now changed. That said, these new plans still don't guarantee when and if the project will happen, and there's a chance they could change again going forward.

We do know that Tesla is constantly expanding its Supercharger network, so a new station in the area is highly likely in the future. However, specific details related to its design, features, layout, and location may not be set in stone.