The teaser campaign for the BMW M2 continues in this short video. The clip mixes images of nighttime driving and brief glimpses of the new sports coupe, including its badge and headlights. The brand tells us to "get ready for playtime" and promises the model is coming soon. 

While we don't yet know exactly when the new M2 debuts, a lot of info about the model is already available. In front, there's a more aggressive front fascia with a V-shaped element in the middle and large inlets in the corners. Judging from the camouflaged development vehicles, flared wheel arches cover the bronze-coloured wheels that have diamond-shaped spokes. A wing attaches to the boot lid.

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We are seeing the M2 test with two exhaust layouts. The standard setup appears to put a pair of outlets on each side of the rear bumper. The other option seems to be an M Performance part that has four pipes coming out of the centre in a two-tiered trapezoidal layout in the middle of the tail.

Inside, the M2 has a pair of large screens. There's no sign yet of a manual gearbox being available, but we can't rule it out.

All signs point to power coming from a version of BMW's S58 twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six, which is also under the bonnet of models like the M3 and M4. This application reportedly makes around 450 bhp (335 kilowatts) and drives the rear wheels.

We don't yet know when BMW intends to unveil the M2, but we don't expect too long of a wait. The automaker confirms that production begins in late 2022 at the factory in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The brand is hiring 800 employees to start a second production shift there.

The BMW M division is quite busy at the moment. It's also preparing to debut the M3 Touring estate, which reportedly happens in June. Also, the M4 CSL just premiered.