Joining the 2021 Toyota GR010 Hybrid and the Roadster Shop Rampage Camaro as part of the free Update 1.15 for Gran Turismo 7, the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo is an old-but-new virtual race car. It's based on the GSX-R/4 concept from 2001 (pictured in the second photo gallery) but thoroughly updated to keep up with the times. The two-seater speedster is technically mid-engined since the ICE sits between the two axles, behind the front wheels.

Rather than having an engine borrowed from a car, it uses the high-revving inline-four taken from the Hayabusa sports bike. The 1.3-litre mill works with three electric motors, two driving the front wheels and one mounted at the back to give the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo an all-wheel-drive layout. The combined output is 426 bhp (318 kilowatts) at a screaming 9,700 rpm and a peak torque of 610 Newton-metres (450 pound-feet).

Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo

The hybrid machine weighs only 970 kilograms (2,138 pounds) and features a design clearly derived from the Swift Sport. From the two-tone alloy wheels to the Champion Yellow body colour, the latest VGT is essentially a hot hatch turned into a roofless sports car that sadly exists only in the virtual realm. On the Gran Turismo official website, we get to learn a Gr.3 version will follow at a later date.

As with the other VGT cars before it, Suzuki's digital creation has zero chance of entering production. Hopefully, a real car will be built to be showcased at public events such as the Tokyo Auto Show. We'd argue it represents a vast improvement over the original and somewhat quirky concept from more than two decades ago.

Suzuki GSX-R/4 concept

Beyond a trio of new cars, the Gran Turismo 7 adds "New Orleans" to the featured section of Scapes. Update 1.15 is available to download right away.