The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 is a standout in the original muscle car era. Depending on who you talk to, it's the king of classic muscle but by the late 1970s, the Chevelle was dead. Florida-based Trans Am Worldwide now offers a modern take on the classic, and it doesn't skimp on power. In fact, up to 1,500 bhp (1,119 kilowatts) is available.

Unveiled last week, the 70/SS is a reskinned Chevrolet Camaro and by that, we mean completely reskinned. The only exterior Camaro component that remains is the windscreen; Trans Am Worldwide swaps everything else and that includes a cool cowl induction bonnet reminiscent of the original SS 454. Wings/fenders and doors have straighter lines to better represent the old Chevelle, and there's even a point to the nose in a similar fashion to the original car.

Gallery: 70/SS Chevelle By Trans Am Depot

Moving inside, the Camaro's greenhouse remains largely the same. You'll find new seats that have a retro theme, and there's special 70/SS branding on the door panels and instrument cluster. Even the carpet is swapped out in favour of a loop carpeting more akin to something you'd find from 1970. Arguably the best touch for the interior is the classic Hurst shifter, crowned with a cue-ball knob for shifting gears.


Speaking of which, it's time to talk powertrain. Trans Am Worldwide will offer the 70/SS with multiple packages and yes, the top-tier promises no less than 1,500 bhp. Specific details on the engine aren't available, but the company says the range-topper is the LS6/X 454 with two turbochargers making "1,500 streetable rear wheel horsepower." Only 25 of these monsters will be built.

For those wanting something less extreme but still bonkers, a 6.4-litre (396 cubic-inch) V8 with 900 bhp (671 kW) is available. The starting point for the 70/SS is the Camaro's standard 450 bhp (336-kW) LT1 V8. Automatic or manual transmissions are available, as are upgraded suspension, wheels, and brakes. Buyers can choose from eight heritage colours or ten modern shades for the exterior, or if there's a specific colour you want, customisation is welcome.

Trans Am Worldwide says orders are being taken now, with deliveries planned for the fall. Going retro does come at a price, however, with the 70/SS starting at $150,000 (approx. £120,000).