Road rage is real. It's also dangerous and sometimes even deadly. Anger behind the wheel of a 1,500 kilogram (3,500-pound) hunk of moving metal is hazardous enough, but some go the extra mile by brandishing a weapon in their fits of rage. That happened to one driver who caught the harrowing incident on their dashcam.

The video, posted by Reddit user u/DexFPV to r/IditosInCars, begins with the user’s truck or SUV moving through an intersection and onto a Texas highway. A third-generation Infiniti G35 quickly speeds into the frame, pulls in front of the truck, and slams on the brakes. The camera car then manoeuvres around the Infiniti and speeds off, but the Infiniti isn't done yet.


At this point, the video speeds up as the driver attempts to lose the Infiniti, reaching nearly 100 miles per hour (96 kilometres per hour). The Infiniti reappears in the frame, pulling away from the truck. As the Infiniti crosses several lanes, the driver clearly brandishes an axe out of the window. The Infiniti driver then cuts back across the highway, speeding away, in front of the truck.

However, the Infiniti driver isn't paying attention as the car casually drifts into the centre lane occupied by a slower-moving vehicle. The Infiniti driver slams on the brakes, but it's too late, and it collides with the back of the other vehicle. Debris explodes across the highway as the slow-moving car careens off the highway and down into a ditch, appearing to hit a bridge pillar.

The video shows the Infiniti continuing to cruise down the highway, flashers blinking, as the dashcam driver pulls over to help the other crashed vehicle. According to the poster, who appears to have taken the video, the driver of the hit car was walking and talking after the accident. The poster also said that police had located the car in an AutoZone parking lot down the road, but the driver had fled.

The video doesn't show what transpired before the Infiniti driver first cut off the other vehicle. Regardless, road rage is never the answer, and it makes a dangerous task even more so when drivers ignore what's on the road in front of them.