BMW updated the 3 Series family earlier this week, introducing a new smoother face and giving the compact premium model a huge tech boost. As of the previous generation, the 3 Series no longer includes a coupe version as it is now part of the 4 Series family, though the two lineups share many components.

It would make sense for BMW to also launch a refreshed version of the 4 Series Coupe soon and there’s a new rendering previewing the potential design of this two-door Bimmer.

There’s little to suggest the 4 Series Coupe facelift could ditch the giant kidney grilles at the front but X-Tomi Design’s vision for the premium coupe proposes a radical new look. The vehicle pictured here has the same front fascia as the refreshed 3 Series family (see the related links below) and we believe many BMW enthusiasts would be happy to see such a move. After all, the previous generation 4 Series in both coupe and convertible forms shared its front end design with the 3 Series from the same generation.

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If you allow us to give our two cents, we certainly like this slightly more restrained design language compared to the in-the-face look of the current 4 Series. Sure, with the smaller grilles the car doesn’t look nearly as aggressive, though aggression is not always needed in automotive design. A little more friendly design won’t hurt anyone, right?

BMW will certainly keep the 4 Series on par with the 3 Series in the tech department, which means the facelifted 4 Series will get the company’s iDrive 8 infotainment system. In the facelifted 3er, the driver gets 12.3 inches of digital real estate for vital information, with another 14.9-inch screen positioned in the centre of the dashboard and providing infotainment functions.

A single large glass piece covers the two screens and the hardware behind it is now running OS8 with a new menu structure that incorporates a smartphone-style appearance. Don’t expect changes under the bonnet, though, as the 4 Series will carry over with its current portfolio of powertrains.