Mercedes held a presentation this week about how it plans to channel more than 75 percent of its investments toward C-Class-sized vehicles and up while simplifying the lineup of entry-level cars. Although some small models will be axed, the total number of available vehicles carrying the three-pointed star won't decrease. That's because the EQ family of fully electric models is in the midst of an expansion, with an EQE SUV coming later this year.

A teaser image depicting the vehicle's side profile made an appearance in the background while Gorden Wagener was talking about the EQ sub-brand. The Mercedes design boss labeled it as a little brother of the larger EQS SUV unveiled a little over a month ago. Gorden Wagener pointed out it's going to look substantially different than the GLE, going as far as to say it'll be much sportier and sleeker while having a more aerodynamic body.

The cat is pretty much out of the bag in terms of exterior design since a prototype was spotted in early May without any camouflage whatsoever. As to why it was orange, that EQE SUV likely had a date with death as we believed it was later used in a crash test. Judging from these peekaboo spy shots, it'll look less bulbous than the EQS SUV, which is to be expected given its smaller footprint. Having seen the EQE saloon, we don't really need a crystal ball to see into the future of Mercedes' next electric SUV.

With the boys and girls working in Affalterbach eager to AMG all the things, you can rest assured there will be a high-performance version. In fact, a spicy prototype has already been caught on camera while undergoing testing. Technical specifications of the drivetrain should mirror those of the saloon, which offers 469 bhp and 633 lb-ft in the "43" guise and 617 bhp and 700 lb-ft if you step up to the "53" model.

Much like the larger EQS SUV, the upcoming electric vehicle will be assembled by Mercedes in the United States at the Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama. The world premiere is scheduled to take place in the coming months, with sales likely beginning before the end of 2022. The hotter AMGs should follow sometime next year.