As we've previously reported, Tesla Supercharger stations in some areas seem to be targeted by vandals. Over the years, we've shared many TeslaCam and Sentry Mode videos showing people damaging Tesla vehicles while they are charging, and the charging cable, charging port, and even the Supercharger itself are often the vandals' focus.

It seems that these vandals are, once again, ramping up their efforts, and they've gone back to cutting the DC fast-charging system's cables. However, as reported by Teslarati, there doesn't seem to be any answers related to who's doing it, and why? That said, you can probably imagine that there's plenty of speculation.


Is it because the vandals don't like Tesla or Elon Musk? Are they against the proliferation of electric vehicles and the potential shift from petrol-powered cars to EVs? Are they looking to find materials that can be sold for a profit? Nobody seems to know, since the vandals were off-camera and no one has been accused of taking part in the vandalism.

As you can see from the Reddit post above, a Tesla Supercharger at a Meijer grocery store in Cincinnati, Ohio, had its cables cut. The post notes that a Tesla mobile technician arrived to repair the cut cables and reportedly told people that this was the third time in a week that cables were cut at the Supercharger station.

It's also noted that the damaged cables appear on Supercharger stalls that aren't in view of the site's security cameras. Those that can be seen on the camera footage remained unharmed.

While it's only speculation, the fact that the vandals are taking the cut cables with them makes it seem as though they may be hoping to sell the materials. These cables contain pricey copper, which the vandals could certainly try to sell.

That said, as pointed out by Teslarati, other images and videos suggest that perhaps some of the vandals aren't doing it in an attempt to make some cash. In the video below, you can see that several Tesla Urban Superchargers had their cables cut. However, the cables aren't cut short, suggesting that if the vandals are hoping to get as much material as possible, they're leaving plenty behind.


Hopefully, images, videos, security camera footage, and also footage from Tesla owners' Sentry Mode and TeslaCam features will help Tesla and/or the authorities figure out who is doing this, and ultimately, why?