Tesla makes great EVs and their sales figures couldn’t paint this picture any more clearly, but what the automaker can’t quite offer is personalisation. Basically all are pretty much identical, and in order to turn it into something special, you will have to invest a lot of time and money and also tap into some creativity.

The Real Life Guys, a popular YouTube channel from Germany that focuses on various weird vehicle builds, just released a video showing their process of creating what has to be one of the most extreme Teslas ever. They took a Model 3 and created a bespoke subframe complete with massive tank tracks weighing a reported one ton each.

It took them weeks to fabricate the frame, which needed to be sturdy to not only support the weight of the vehicle, but also keep everything nice and solid. And it looks like they did a great job creating what seems to be a very sturdy frame that should render the vehicle very effecting at going off-road, at least in theory...

Sadly, they don’t really drive this mad Model 3 in the video, so we don’t know how it actually performs - it might be a total disaster off-road, although it probably won’t given how much ground clearance and traction it should have thanks to the tracks.

What’s really cool about this idea is that it’s totally reversible, by the looks of things. They didn’t cut into the vehicle’s chassis or body and it looks like the new frame mounts to the wheel hubs and still uses the original Model 3 suspension, as well as the suspension they built into the frame.

They will apparently take this monster Model 3 off-road in a future video, one which we will surely want to watch after seeing how much effort they put into this project and how extreme it ended up looking.