The Tesla Model Y remains the go-to electric crossover for the majority of people. However, can the new competition from traditional automakers change that? Matt from Carwow tried to find out in the channel's latest video.

He first discussed design. He isn't too fond of the Tesla's blob-like look, preferring the more distinctive Audi. However, the Volvo is his favourite from a design perspective. The Volvo interior isn't that modern, as its based off a XC40 which has been around since 2016. The Audi is a lot more futuristic inside. Meanwhile, the Tesla has great tech and feels airy and modern however the steering wheel feels a bit cheap.

The Model Y feels sporty however it's not all that comfortable and there's a lot of road noise. The Volvo is less sporty but a lot more comfortable, which is ultimately what you want in this segment. The Audi is a good blend of comfort and performance, however it doesn't handle too well around corners and there's no one-pedal driving. 

Rear space is okay in the Audi, but it's better in the Volvo and best in the Model Y. The technology and autonomous features are also far superior in the Tesla. That said, build quality and materials are better in the Q4 and C40.

From a braking perspective, the Volvo was best followed by the Tesla and then the Audi. The Audi has 420 litres of storage, the Volvo 413 litres and the Tesla 854 litres (including extra storage compartments). The Volvo and Tesla have frunks, the Audi does not.

In terms of real world range, the the Volvo managed 210 miles, the Audi 223 miles and the the Model Y 252 miles. The C40 was quickest from 0-60 mph with a 4.38 second time. The Model Y went from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and the Q4 5.8 seconds.

Matt concluded that the Model Y was the best all-round choice, despite it being the worst looking of the trio. The Audi Q4 was a close second in his opinion, with the C40 being his third choice.