Lamborghini introduced the Huracan Sterrato Concept in 2019, and rumours immediately began flying that it would actually enter production. Three years later, a fresh batch of spy shots shows that the company continues to develop such a model.

The latest photos are less wintery than previous shots, but they capture a familiar-looking, high-riding Huracan. The supercar sits high above its 20-inch wheels, and that’s hard to hide with a camouflage wrap, so Lamborghini doesn’t even try. Previous spy shots showed the car wearing a front brush guard, but that’s missing on this test vehicle. However, what’s not missing are the tyres with larger sidewalls.

Gallery: New Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Spy Shots

The Sterrato will be a special variant of the Evo, but it will arrive with all-wheel drive and other off-road-oriented upgrades, like a recalibrated gearbox. The two look pretty similar, but the Sterrato might get a few more design tweaks before its official debut. The supercar looks different at the rear, where Lamborghini installed a bonnet scoop attached to the engine cover louvres.

We don’t know what engine the Sterrato will have, but it’s safe to bet that Lamborghini will also use its naturally aspirated V10 to power this Huracan variant. The increased ride height will include added underbody protection, skid plates, mudguards, reinforced side skirts, and extra protection for the engine bay and air intakes.

The Sterrato is the concept in production form, but there are some significant differences between the two. The concept wore tacked-on fender flares that sat over a widened stance. Neither of those features is present on the test vehicle. However, it does not appear that this is the final design. We’ll have to wait for the reveal.

Lamborghini fans shouldn’t expect this to outsell the Urus anytime soon. One earlier rumour suggested that the company plans to produce 1,000 or fewer examples. Lamborghini hasn’t announced a debut date for its high-riding supercar. However, company CEO Stephan Winkelmann suggested that the car could debut sometime in 2022, one of four models the company plans to launch this year. We’re waiting on the invite.

Gallery: Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Concept