After the iX and iX3, BMW is downsizing its electric crossover recipe for the iX1. The fully electric derivative of the third-generation X1 will look almost the same as its ICE-powered counterpart since the two will share the FAAR platform, an evolution of the UKL underpinnings. Together with the plug-in hybrid version, all three flavours of the compact X model were shipped to northern Sweden where the BMW Group has its winter testing centre.

Looking all grown up, the iX1 had to endure extremely cold temperatures and snowy roads. It'll rely on the BMW Group's fifth-gen eDrive technology, and unlike the China-built iX3, it's going to come with xDrive. More expensive versions of the EV will have dual motors, which will not only translate to AWD but also some serious power. Should you prefer a good ol' combustion engine, there will be a spicy X1 M35i with approximately 300 bhp and four exhaust tips.

2023 BMW iX1 camouflaged prototype in Sweden

BMW has crunched the numbers and says the iX1 will cover as much as 272 miles (438 kilometres) in the WLTP cycle. However, it's worth pointing out this is not the final range number, but rather an estimation based on the vehicle's current development status. Having entered the final testing phase, it seems highly unlikely that the figure will change dramatically for the production-ready model. We are expecting a similar figure from the MINI Countryman EV, with both to be assembled at the Leipzig plant in Germany.

The petrol- and diesel-fuelled X1 will go on sale this fall, which means the official reveal is slated to take place in the coming months. BMW mentions the iX1 will hit the market shortly thereafter. Logic tells us the base version won't have xDrive as you'll be asked to step up to a more expensive configuration to get the dual-motor setup.

There will be another way to have an electric motor and AWD as the revamped crossover will continue to offer a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. It is believed that won't be the case with the Countryman as MINI will reportedly drop the PHEV setup. Spy shots and teasers have revealed both models are going to grow in size, which might explain why the Oxford-based marque is allegedly plotting a smaller crossover to slot below the new Countryman.