As you may remember, DragTimes has raced the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous against the McLaren 720S, and surprising to many people, the Tesla was not the winner. DragTimes' host Brooks Weisblat owned both cars, and he raced them on multiple occasions. 

Fast forward to the present, Brooks still owns the McLaren 720S and he's now also the proud owner of a Model S Plaid. In the recent video above, DragTimes heads to the Palm Beach International Raceway to run one final test and tune before the track closes. Brooks says the track owners are trying to sell it, though it was unable to be rezoned. For now, the track will be closed until an upcoming hearing in September.

At any rate, the races of the day included the tri-motor all-wheel-drive Model S Plaid – which Tesla says can pull off a zero-to-60-mph sprint in just 1.99 seconds – versus a Dodge Demon, a Hayabusa bike, and, of course, a McLaren 720S.

As you'll see, the Plaid makes easy work of the Demon, though it only beats the superbike in one of three drag races. To makes things a bit interesting, the McLaren 720S, which doesn't appear to be Weisblat's car, gets an intentional headstart when it faces off against the range-topping Model S. However, it's not a big enough headstart, because the McLaren has clearly met its match.


Unlike its predecessor – the Model S P100DL – the Plaid makes easy work of the 720S, despite the headstart. In fact, the McLaren almost looks as though it's not moving very quickly as the Model S easily overtakes the initial lead. 

In the end, the race between the Plaid and 720S isn't even close. The Model S pulls off a 9.42-second quarter-mile with a trap speed of 146.86 mph. Meanwhile, the McLaren supercar finished the sprint in 10.17 seconds with a 139.50 mph trap speed.