A long time ago, in a decade far away, Star Wars debuted and became an instant phenomenon. The first movie was released on 25 May 1977, and you might be intrigued to learn that the first known reference of May the Fourth be with you actually took place in 1979, according to Wikipedia. The unofficial christening of May 4 as Star Wars Day really gained traction in the late 2000s, which leads us to yesterday: May 4, 2022.

And it's really gained traction. If you need any evidence of that, look no further than social media where you'll find #MayThe4th posts from individuals to the world's largest companies. Our interest obviously lies in the automotive realm, and since the Motor1.com team is packed with Star Wars superfans, we couldn't resist collecting social posts from automakers celebrating the occasion.

We were shocked at how many companies are Force-sensitive on this one. And it looks like Mercedes-Benz beat everyone to the punch with a Facebook post showing the decidedly high-tech EQS interior sailing through the stars.


Citroen also gets spacey with an elaborate depiction of its Ami EV city car, which is small enough to be driven legally by 14-year-olds.


Kia trades outer space for the twin-sun-baked deserts of Tatooine, where apparently, rebels drive a Telluride.


Infiniti also chose Tatooine as the setting for its Star Wars Day post, featuring a QX50 parked outside, well, somewhere.


Volkswagen is on Tatooine for this short video, where some Jawas are eyeing an ID.Buzz rather suspiciously. Where's kid Darth Vader when you need him?


W Motors pairs a white Lykan Hypersport with a couple of stormtroopers on Facebook. They may not be able to hit their targets, but they can at least make a hasty exit.


Koenigsegg makes time for a VIP tour with a droid who really loves internal combustion power.


Some companies are less ambitious with their Star Wars Day efforts, but it's still entertaining. For example, even BMW seems to recognise just how evil the new 7 Series looks in black.


The Ford GT is also rather menacing in black.


Mopar challenges folks to choose the path of a Jedi or Sith. Fortunately, you get a Challenger SRT Hellcat either way.


Lexus also wants you to choose your path, though you'll have to get by with something a bit less powerful.


It seems Toyota wants you to choose a path, but with a black Camry in a sketchy location, this post fills us with dark side energy.


The first Wednesday in May is National Skilled Trades Day, which this year falls on May 4. General Motors is keen to tell folks that technicians are the "force" behind your vehicles.


Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US has a thing or two to say on Star Wars Day.


We'll keep an eye out for more posts throughout the day and add them here as they come in. With so many automakers having fun for May The 4th, we can't wait to see what revenge of the 5th brings us.