The Alpine A110 – a French sports car produced under Renault’s umbrella – will finally come to the United States this coming weekend. Unfortunately, the powerful coupe won’t be sold on that side of the big pond, though it will accompany the Alpine’s Formula 1 team during its participation in the Miami Grand Prix from 6 to 8 May. To celebrate its first US visit, the A110 gets a new special livery.

The so-called South Beach Colourway package brings available Bleu Azur and Rose Bruyère colours, paying tribute to “this very special destination.” The colours, Alpine says, are inspired by the art deco buildings in Miami and the city’s “vibrant music scene.” The package is much more than just two available exterior colours, though.

Gallery: Alpine A110 South Beach Colourway

To further complement the enhanced styling, Alpine also puts 18-inch white alloy wheels as a contrast to the blue or pink exterior finish. Inside the cabin, you’ll find South Beach floor mats in body-matching colours, as well as blue and pink flags adorning different sections of the interior. Last but not least, light grey stitching can be seen on the seats and centre console.

The two new exterior colours are part of the A110’s wide portfolio of available hues, which currently includes 20 options. These include traditional sports car colours, as well as famous heritage colours from Alpine’s history. A variety of wheel designs and a wide brake caliper colour catalogue bring hundreds of customisation options for the customers. The new South Beach Colourway package will be integrated into the model’s portfolio in the summer of this year with reservations possible via the Alpine app starting today.

Unfortunately, the A110 is not sold in the United States and we don’t expect it to reach US showrooms anytime soon. As far as Alpine is concerned, the brand will go fully electric soon but for the time being, its only model is the petrol-powered A110, available in standards, S, and GT trims.